BMW 5x120 (72.6cb) to 5x114.3 Wheel Hub Drill Template

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Looking to run 5x114.3 wheels on your BMW but don’t want to pay for conversion hubs?

These templates are the perfect guide to help you do it yourself!

Simply mount this plate onto your 5x120 hubs using your lug studs (the larger holes of the template) and the smaller holes will guide you on exactly where to mark/ drill out the pilot holes for 5x114.3.

As the new 5x114.3 holes will have to be drilled out perfectly, we do not recommend doing this with the hubs still on the car. This should be done on a very stable drill press or by using the proper equipment.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please reach out to a local professional or machine shop.


Key Notes: 

  • Will only work on 5x120 hubs with 72.6 or less centerbore that use M12 lug studs
  • Made from tough .125” (1/8”) thick 304 Stainless Steel
  • Straightforward, cheap and affordable option to run 5x114.3 wheels on OEM BMW 5x120 Hubs
  • Comes with a “center punch” to ensure your new holes will be exact

Kit Includes:

(x1) 5x120 to 5x114.3 Wheel Hub Drill Template

(x1) Center Punch

As Bavarian Metalworks, LLC is not performing the work ourselves, we hold no liability or responsibility for your hubs. This kit is only to supply you with the tools necessary to perform the conversion.

By purchasing the M12x1.5 Drill and Tap, you recognize that these are “wearable” items and we will not replace them for free. We recommend this conversion to be done by a professional.

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