BMW E30/ E36/ E46 Rear Tie Down Plates (Downloadable DXF File)

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Please be aware that purchasing this product only gets you the CAD Drawing (DXF File), not the actual finished product. If you would like to purchase the finished product, click here.

  1. Purchase
  2. Click button on the post-purchase page that will allow you to download the file
  3. View with a CAD program

Once you've downloaded the file, you can then use it to make your own reinforcement plates, or, send the drawing to a machine shop, online CNC services, etc.

Since you can edit these files once you've downloaded them, and a lot of things can happen between CAD and final cutting, we are not responsible for any fitment issues nor will we approve any refund requests. We have sold many of these and can say with 100% certainty that this exact DXF file is the one we use without issue.

If you have a track car and can never find a safe place to attach the straps coming from your trailer; than these E30/ E36 Stainless Steel Rear Tie Down Plates are for you. These get sandwiched in between the bottom mount of the rear struts and the rear knuckle. Designed so that the hole is big enough to accommodate most strap's hooks.

  • We typically make these from .125" thick 304 stainless steel
  • 3D CAD Drawn using an E30 and E36 as reference

 BMW E30/ E36/ E46 Rear Tie Down Plates (Downloadable DXF File)

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