BMW E36 (3" MAF) “Birdhouse” Air Intake System

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The all new BMW E36 (3" MAF) “Birdhouse” Air Intake Heat Shield.

This is a high-quality, air intake heat shield that is a great alternative to the other $400-500 intakes on the market.

Our air intake heat shields are great for those who are just running “cone” filters as they help direct cooler air coming through the headlight, into the intake. As they’re almost fully enclosed, including the bottom, it’s also a great way of preventing water from the road entering your air filter.

This intake was designed and tested in-house, by us, on our 96 328i (M52) and was professionally welded/ assembled by RattyFab LLC. Professional polishing done by QualWorks.

Fitment Notes:

  • Fits the 6 cylinder 323i, 325i, 328i
  • Designed on a 1996 328i (M52tu) with Silicone Intake Elbow and without ASC+t (All E36 323, 325, 328 use the same factory air intake box position so MAF position should be same across all of them)
  • Hole is for 80mm (3.15") MAF
  • Cannot guarantee fitment on 318ti
  • Cannot guarantee fitment on M3
  • Does not have hole for the "air box thermostat" found on 92-95 325i


  • Made from .080" thick 5052 Aluminum (high-quality, strong, lightweight metal that doesn't flex)
  • The box itself weighs exactly 2 lbs!
  • Utilizes the OEM cruise control module bracket for mounting
  • Slotted mounting hole allows for fine tune adjustment
  • Retains use of OEM cruise control module
  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Includes 1" x 1" Vibration-Damping Bushing + Lock Nuts
  • Designed to accommodate as much room as possible for larger "cone" style filters, but avoids all surrounding parts (please see below for dimensions)
  • Available in Raw Aluminum (paint it yourself), Brushed Aluminum, or Polished Aluminum.
  • Polishing is a high-Quality, true, cut/ buff/ polish. Not just wiped down with some over-the-counter polish

Largest Possible Dimensions for Air Intake Filter:

Cylindrical or "Cone" style recommended

  • Base Width: 6" (152mm)
  • Overall Length: 5.5" for Conical | 4.5" for cylindrical 

Kit Includes:

  • (x1) “Birdhouse” Air Intake Heat Shield
  • (x1) 1" x 1" Vibration-Damping Bushing
  • (x2) Serrated Lock-Nuts for Bushing
  • (x1) BOOST Air Intake Filter

Simple Installation:

  1. Remove factory air intake box
  2. Remove MAF sensor from intake elbow boot
  3. Off of vehicle; insert MAF into rear of "Birdhouse"
  4. Install Cone Air Filter on to MAF, ensuring that the flange of the air filter is on the MAF's flange as much as possible (do not fully tighten hose clamp as minor adjustments may need to be made to the MAF's orientation)
  5. Install 1" bushing into mounting slot on Birdhouse with locknut (hand-tighten for now incase fine adjustments need to be made)
  6. Slightly tilt/ rotate assembly to the left and insert rear flange of MAF into intake elbow
  7. Guide the stud on the bushing into the factory cruise control module's mounting bracket
  8. Ensure everything is aligned properly
  9. Tighten all hose clamps and locknuts

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