BMW E36 USB-C Charge Port + Data USB 3.0 Extension

Sale price$65.00 USD


Our Modern USB quick charge module is offered at a great price considering what new genuine switches cost. The housing is constructed from an ASA polymer that is strong like ABS but will resist fading from UV rays. The mounting system we use is very simple, all you need is a PH#1 screwdriver.

  • Plug & Play - No Soldering/Crimping
  • 12v AUX Socket Functional After Installation
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Quick Charging Capability for Apple & Androids
  • Made in USA - Every Unit Tested Before Shipping
  • Low Idle Draw - Won't Drain Your Battery
  • (USB 3.0 extensions are a female to male cable USB extension cable, no power)
  • ("Charging" ports use the 12v socket to power the USB-A or USB-C port)
  • Qualcomm 3.0 and Apple fast-charging protocols
  • *USB-C modules only fit in the two leftmost slots (LHD)

Every unit is tested before shipment and is backed by a 1-year warranty. The boards we use have: over/under volt, input/output over-current, short circuit, and overheating protection circuits built-in. These built-in protections protect your investment in our product and give you peace of mind installing this module in your vehicle. Also included are detailed installation instructions, installation takes about 30 minutes.

MAX Device Input: 5v 3.4 amp power delivery per USB port (6.8A for dual USB module)

MAX Power Draw: 12v 2 amp power draw per USB port (4A for dual USB module)

Replaces the following part numbers:

Switch EDC: 61318350765 ( $115 OEM price )

Switch ASC: 61311390806 ( $95 OEM price )

Heated Seats Switch: 61311387917 ( $172 OEM price )

Switch Blank Cover: 51161963979

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