BMW E30 Dash Switch Delete Plugs

Sale price$20.00 USD


These E30 Dash Switch Delete Plugs are a clean, simple way to delete various buttons or accessories like the volume fader, hazards button, defrost, or the window lock switch.

  • Made from durable ASA polymer (Stronger than ABS and UV resistant to avoid fading) 
  • Audibly snaps into place with OEM flush fitment. Designed to be removable. 
  • Modify them by drilling a hole to add an LED, Switch, etc...
  • Clean textured finished for an OEM look 
  • Works in e25 e28 and e30 dashes

 Kit Includes:

x2 E30 Dash Switch Delete Plugs

x4 Mounting Screws

* 3D-Printed parts have minor imperfections. Do not expect the finish to be 100% flawless *
* Interior parts have a higher standard when it comes to appearance *

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