BMW E30 Heater Delete Plug For Firewall

Sale price$25.00 USD


If you are no longer running a heater in your E30 and need to plug the open hole in your firewall; the E30 Heater Delete Plug For Firewall is a great choice for re-sealing the interior of your car. Heating with a hair dryer, heat gun, or letting it sit in the hot sun may be necessary in getting it into place.

  • Snaps into place very firm and seals to avoid water ingress & drafts
  • Easily removable for going back to OEM configuration
  • Not branded on the outside for a clean OEM look 
  • Constructed from a flexible TPU material

Kit Includes:

x1 E30 Heater Delete Plug For Firewall

*3D-Printed parts have minor imperfections. Do not expect the finish to be 100% flawless. Parts are guaranteed to function as intended. *

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