BMW E30 HVAC Delete Panel (Blank)

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Material: ABS Plastic
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Our BMW E30 HVAC Delete Panel is perfect if you're removing all the unwanted weight and accessories from your E30.

Can be ordered in either .125" thick ABS plastic OR .1" thick 5052 Aluminum (powder coated wrinkle black). Every panel comes with a .063" thick 5052 aluminum bracket to hold it in place. This setup in ABS plastic only weighs a total of 7.5oz. Super lightweight and affordable!

Available in 3 different options: Blank, 1 52mm Gauge Pod w/ 2 OEM Window Switch Ports, and Triple 52mm Gauge Pod.

  • Can be ordered in ABS Plastic or 5052 Aluminum
  • ABS plastic panel only weighs 7.5oz
  • 5052 Aluminum panel only weighs 13.5oz
  • Each E30 HVAC Delete Panel and bracket are designed with 3D CAD, laser cut, and test fitted on shop cars, resulting in a perfect fit, every time

Kit Includes:

x1 BMW E30 HVAC Delete Panel (Blank)

x1 Mounting Bracket (corresponding to your panel choice)

x4 Retaining Clips

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