BMW E30 OBC Universal Phone Mount

Sale price$45.00 USD


After looking at other phone holding solutions on the market for the E30, FalkMfg came up with this E30 OBC Universal Phone Mount. This deisgn allows the most versatility while still being rigid due to the fact that it is directly fastened to the dash. All at a competitive price. Pair this with the E30 Quick Charge USB Dash Module and you're ready to go. 

  • Extremely rigid design for even the most demanding track events 
  • ASA Polymer construction (more UV ray resistant than regular ABS)
  • True textured finish to match the existing OEM panels 
  • Use your existing phone holder/charger (with 17mm/.67in ball adapter)
  • Completely adjustable angle and orientation for all heights and seating positions
  • Includes x4 extra screws for OBC/Clock mounting location 
  • Major components designed and assembled in the USA
  • A perfect combination with the E30 Quick Charge USB Port

Kit Includes:

x1 E30 OBC Universal Phone Mount with all necessary hardware

x1 Manual Phone Clamp

x1 Ball Adapter

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