BMW E36 Auxiliary Switch Module

Sale price$40.00 USD


Use this E36 Auxiliary Switch Module to control a nearly unlimited number of functions in your E36. Stop using the universal "parts store" switches and use one thats specifically for your car!
These units are easy to install and quick to wire up. All you need is an average pair of crimpers, some 16-14 AWG wire, and a PH#1 screwdriver. It is critical that you use the correct size wire and a proper pair of crimpers for reliable connections.
This E36 Auxiliary Switch Module can be installed into your panel in about 5 minutes with no modification necessary. Our mounting system applies an even pressure to provide a secure fit.
  • OEM+ Look & Quality 
  • Super Quick & Easy Install
  • Every unit comes with a 1-year warranty and full instructions
  • Control Fans, Lights, Engine functions, subs, you name it..
  • Made In USA
  • 15 AMP Rating
  • Fully inspected prior to shipping
  • No Special Tools Required

NOTE: If your circuit is drawing over 10 amps you MUST run the circuit through a proper relay. Otherwise, you will significantly reduce the lifespan of the switch or even cause an electrical fire. Also, please consider adding a fuse to your circuit additional convenience and safety. 

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