BMW E36 M14 x 1.5 Front Differential Bolt Upgrade Kit

Upgraded M14 Bolt Only?: No, the whole kit!
Sale price$60.00 USD


This is the one-click kit that will provide you with everything you need in order to upgrade the front mounting bolt of your E36’s differential.

Why do this?

This is a very common upgrade done by those that track or drift their car. The stock bolt is weak, and, when exposed to aggressive driving, is known to snap in two. 

We only recommend this upgrade to those that have already or are going to upgrade or replace their factory diff bushing. A sloppy front diff bushing is the main reason these bolts tend to snap!

Class 10.9 steel is at least 25% stronger than medium-strength steel screws. The flange distributes pressure where the screw meets the surface, eliminating the need for a separate washer.

  • Black-Oxide
  • Class 10.9 Steel
  • Flanged Hex Head
  • Black corrosion-resistant-coated steel is more corrosion resistant in wet environments than zinc-plated steel 
  • Screws meet ISO 898-1 and comply with specifications and testing requirements for material quality.

Kit Includes: 

(x1) Grade 10.9 M14 Bolt

(x1) M14 x 1.5 Tap

(x1) Drill Bit for M14 Tap

(x1) 9/16” Drill Bit

Simplified Instructions:

  1. Remove differential
  2. Drill out your front diff bushing’s aluminum centerbore with provided 9/16” drill bit (replace this bushing entirely if it is old/ sloppy)
  3. Drill out the diff casing’s front bushing mounting bolt hole with provided M12.5 Drill Bit
  4. Tap drilled out hole in differential case with M14 x 1.5mm Tap.

Always use “tap oil” or “cutting fluid” when tapping holes in metal and never use an impact gun or drill! Taps are made from very hard metals but can break rather easily.

Go slow and steady, especially when tapping. Start the new threads, back tap out and remove any debris or metal chips, start the new threads a little more, back it out. So on and so on until you reach desired depth.

*This is solely a collection of the tools that are needed in order to perform this upgrade. As Bavarian Metalworks, LLC is not physically performing this upgrade ourselves, we will not be held responsible for any damages. If you’re not confident in performing this yourself, please hire a professional.

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