BMW E36 Upgraded Front 188mm Differential Mounting Bolt (OEM Size)

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One of the most common bolts to break on the E36, if you're drifting, is the bolt that mounts the front of your differential to the subframe. This matches OEM measurements but is a Grade 12.9 bolt! Much stronger than your tired, worn out, factory bolt.

This bolt kit matches OEM measurements but is far superior when it comes to corrosion resistance, strength and durability.

  • Black-Oxide
  • Class 12.9 Steel
  • 18mm OD Socket Head (requires 10mm Hex to install)
  • 26mm OD Black-Oxide Washer to match OEM washer specs
  • Black corrosion-resistant-coated steel is more corrosion resistant in wet environments than zinc-plated steel 
  • Screws meet DIN 912 and ISO 21269 and comply with specifications and testing requirements for material quality.
  • Country(s) of Origin: Germany & Italy

Kit Includes:

(x1) 12.9 Grade Socket Head Bolts

(x1) Washer

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