BMW E36 Upgraded 188mm Differential Full Mounting Hardware Kit

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If you're planning on upgrading your OEM differential bushings to a hard polyurethane or solid, it's never a bad idea to upgrade the mounting hardware as well! These bolts match OEM measurements but are Grade 12.9, which a far superior when it comes to corrosion resistance, strength and durability.

  • Black-Oxide
  • Class 12.9 Steel
  • 18mm OD Socket Head (requires 10mm Hex to install)
  • 26mm OD Black-Oxide Washers to match OEM washer specs
  • Black corrosion-resistant-coated steel is more corrosion resistant in wet environments than zinc-plated steel 
  • Screws meet DIN 912 and ISO 21269 and comply with specifications and testing requirements for material quality.
  • Country(s) of Origin: Germany & Italy

Kit Includes:

(x1) 12.9 Grade Socket Head Bolts (Front)

(x2) 12.9 Grade Socket Head Bolts (Rear)

(x3) Washers

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