BMW E46 Standard Chassis Reinforcement Kit

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While the E46 is a great chassis; it does have its flaws and weaknesses. One of it's most common weaknesses are the mounting points for the front and rear subframes, including where the engine mounts are attached to the front subframe. These points are notorious for cracking or tearing after extended periods of vigorous driving, like drifting.

Made from .119" thick steel, these "weld-in" reinforcement plates greatly strengthen all of these weak points.

  • Made from .119" thick steel
  • 3D CAD drawn in-house
  • CNC Laser Cut for maximum consistency and fitment
  • Cold Rolled Carbon Steel for great weldability

E46 Standard Chassis Reinforcement Kit Includes:

x2 Upper Engine Mount Reinforcement Plates

x2 Lower Engine Mount Reinforcement Plates

x2 Rear Subframe Front Spacers

x2 Front Subframe Mount Reinforcement Plates 

x1 Rear Left Mount Reinforcement Plate

x1 Rear Right Mount Reinforcement Plate

x2 Inner Trunk Subframe Mount Reinforcement Plates

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