BMW E46 Rear Trailing Arm "Pocket" Reinforcement Plates

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Made from .074" thick steel, these "weld-in" E46 Rear Trailing Arm "Pocket" Reinforcement Plates greatly strengthen where the RTA's mount to the chassis! The E46 is an amazing chassis, but with repeated, hard driving, it's well-known that it can "tear" or "crack" where the subframe and the RTA's mount to the body. Prevent this from happening to you OR repair the already torn area!

  • Made from .074" thick steel
  • 3D CAD drawn using an in-house E36 as reference
  • CNC Laser Cut for maximum consistency and fitment
  • Cold Rolled Carbon Steel for great weldability

Kit Includes:

x2 E46 Rear Trailing Arm "Pocket" Reinforcement Plates

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